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2020ҳ Most Influential Fashion Designers

The industry of fashion and design is one of the most profitable around the globe for years. The need for aesthetic upgrade exists in human nature, and it is evident if someone takes a quick look at our history. Archeological findings indicate that art appeared long before writing. Even though the p…

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CXOs: DonҴ sugarcoat your IT initiatives

If you want staff to embrace technology projects, be honest about all their objectives–the good and the bad. If you’re not, your staff will have their own ideas.

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Optimizing Marketing Under Extreme Conditions By Bringing Digital and Direct Mail Together With Nick Runyon From PFL [AMP 210]

Two things are true about marketing — saturation across digital channels makes it difficult to be different and using direct mail is a unique option to reach customers at home where they are spending most of their time these days. Today’s guest is Nick Runyon from PFL. The software company makes to…

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3 Ways To Measure Brand Awareness Accurately

The task of measuring brand awareness can break brand managers out in a cold sweat. Some will even dismiss the task by labelling it as too vague a concept to be worthwhile. However, in an era of oversaturated markets, brand awareness is an essential KPI you must track. But the most important reason …

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