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Boardsׁnd CEOsדhould Expect Greater Scrutiny On Pay

The shareholder rejection of Electronic Arts’ compensation plan earlier this month is a not-so-subtle reminder that compensation models will be under much heavier scrutiny this year because of complications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. With so many companies suffering losses in stock price value…

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The Climate May Be Beyond Your Control, But The Risk Is Not

Although a pandemic, civil rights movement and impending elections are what dominate the news, the Earth’s climate quietly continues its steady transformation, presenting organizations with serious new property risks and potential long-term financial loss.

Many business leaders, unfortunately, say…

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6 Top Reasons Why Companies Fly Private

No matter what is happening in the world executives must still be able to carry on their work as usual, and it’s imperative this happens as time is money. Now more than ever, safety is a feature for any business, securing human capital is critical, no matter how smart computers are without top-class…

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Three Ways Leaders Can Use Resonance to Navigate Upheaval

A hospital system CEO scrambles to find personnel for extra Covid shifts one month and has to layoff other employees a month later. The CEO of a consultancy firm hosts soul-searching webinars to eradicate racism in their own company and those they advise. In our own work at the Institute for Zen Lea…

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Fascinating Places To Visit In Ireland

Ireland is filled with an incredible wealth of places that are sure to fascinate you every time. Despite having a small size, Ireland boasts of many exciting placesto visit for the wanderlusts. As much of the Irish population are concentrated around the cities, the nation has a lot of free spaces fo…

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