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Employee Wellness Is The Way Through

The coronavirus pandemic—and the resulting breakneck pivot to remote work—didn’t just illuminate the fact that achieving so-called “work-life balance” is far easier said than done. It suddenly and universally made social isolation, anxiety, and burnout very real threats, bringing the importance of m…

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Are You Ready to Hit the Reset Button on Accountability?

In recent weeks, during one of my CEO Peer Group workshops, I encountered a CEO (let’s call him Peter) who told me that the pandemic that forced people to work from home liberated countless companies of their B players. I asked, “What do you mean by that?” Peter responded, “The B players either step…

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Top 10 most competitive economies in the world for 2020

The «IMD’s 2020 World Competitiveness Ranking» highlights Singapore’s economy as the most competitive of the 63 countries surveyed by the report. To be precise, Singapore is in the first place, for the second consecutive year as in 2019 managed to dethrone the USA from the top of the ranking. The ne…

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9 of the Best Road Trips in India, 2020

As far as exploratory potential goes, India is right up there with the best of them. To its inhabitants, India may be a gigantic land of industrious people always on the move, going about their daily jobs nonchalantly, but to the outside world, it is chock full of surprises at literally every turn. …

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Debunk 11 Myths About Women Leaders

Myths are major challenges globally. They are unrealities that hold the people back. They create wrong assumptions leading to wrong conclusions. They adversely affect society. Hence, they must be debunked with facts and figures. When you look at women and women leaders, there are several myths that …

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Business Needs More Data Competent Workers׈igher Ed Must Rise To The Challenge

Among the many public deficiencies exposed by Covid is the gap between the data available to us and our ability to recognize, analyze, understand and use it to tell stories and shape important decisions.

What has been striking to me over the last few months is how often we have failed to frame the r…

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Achieving Zero Taxation on Sale of Your Startup Equity

Are you a founder, a C-level or senior executive recruit, or angel investor of a startup life sciences company, a startup tech company, or a startup e-commerce or other high growth company? If so, did you know that if your startup is properly structured and you hold onto your stock for five years, t…

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